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Product Strategy
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Product Strategy

Strong products require strong knowledge of the market. At Product Savvy, we help our clients assess the landscape and find the best path to resonance with customers. Every conversation start with these basic questions: 

  1.  What is the market?

  2. What is the problem we are solving? 

  3. Who is the customer? 

  4. What are the use cases? 

  5. What are the personas?

The outcome of this discussion will change the future of your company.

As part of our strategic product consulting, we help clients as follows:

Find Product-Market-Fit: Analyze market opportunities; gather information and measure market demand; understand customer profiles; identify market segments; understand consumer needs
Define (or redefine) the problem the product seeks to address
Understand how the product and company is positioned with respect to competitors
Product Management

Product Management

We are Agile. Our approach emphasizes team work, knowledge distribution, transparency and personal growth. We implement Scrum – an effective way to drive rapid development.

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We apply any or all of the following services to help our clients launch products that resonate with their target markets and their users:

  • Generate “developer ready” requirements for development and execution by the technical team

  • Work alongside the leadership team to monitor market changes and market’s readiness for the product while the product is being executed - thus ensuring product/market stays on target

  • Create a strong, prioritized product backlog to ensure efficient, effective and agile development process that is always ready to respond to changing needs and priorities

Product Innovation & Acceleration
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Product Innovation and Acceleration

ProductSavvy support both individual companies and organizations building startup ecosystems such as accelerators and incubators. These organizations range from supporting a broad range of technologies to industry specific organization such as health technology or cyber security accelerators.

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Our support has ranged from conceiving and standing up an entire accelerator program we we managed to running week-long boot camps and other one-off capacity building events.


Find out about our work with Relevant Health, a startup accelerator we helped found.

Boot Camp

Our five-day Boot Camp is aimed at taking your early / unformed ideas and turning these into actionable, fundable business products.

Product Architecture

Product Architecture

Our team have built systems which encompass full enterprise grade systems used within worlds largest corporations to small lightweight niche apps. We take our customers from a block diagram to a full stack system design, from back end architecture to front end and mobile to make sure that the fundamentals are right and will hold for a long time. This includes: 

  • Choosing the technology stack

  • Choosing cloud providers

  • "Architecture Style" - design patterns, design guidelines, frameworks, usage of micro services vs. monolithic design, etc. 

  • Architecture of components, sub systems, interfaces

  • Clickable Mock-ups

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Architecture is about making fundamental structural choices which are costly to change once implemented.

Our team includes experienced CTO, VP R&D and senior architects who can support your organization to develop a robust product architecture which meets your current needs but scales to meet future requirements.

Product Engineering
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Product Engineering

Whether you building new enterprise applications, modernizing your legacy systems, or creating digital platforms to interact with your customers (or potential customers), the ability to convert ideas into applications in a shortest time to market is critical. In today's competitive space, you cannot afford to get it wrong the first time, hence the experience matters.

Let ProductSavvy help you make your product market ready.

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