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About Us

ProductSavvy is a leading product strategy firm that supports early-stage and middle-market technology companies develop, launch and scale their businesses. We work with our clients to effectively define, design, and build software products quicker and more successfully than they would do otherwise.


 Our team comprises of a group of business and technology innovators who know what it takes to develop great products. Our tools and processes are based upon decades of experience in the real world and are used day-in and day-out in all of our client projects. This helps our clients successfully weave together market needs, technology, strategies, and business models ensure business success.


We are headquartered just outside Washington DC with team members working in the US, Eastern Europe, and Israel.

Our Team


Jonathan Chashper

CEO & Founder

Jonathan holds a baccalaureate in computer science and math, but ask him which teacher influenced his life most and he’ll mention the marketing instructor who totally changed the way he thought about business. He is a recognized technology and business leader offering original insights and a passion for innovation.

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Andrew Richman


Andy has always understood that the key to business success is not just coming up with great ideas — it’s about implementing them with a powerful combination of innovation and creativity. He is an enterprising business development and operations executive with significant international experience building businesses in the technology and consulting industries.

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David Chashper

CTO & Partner

David is a software development manager with a vast experience of more than 10 years in development and leading R&D teams to success. He's very passionate about innovative, technology, engineering design, and entrepreneurship. He bring with Him professionalism as technical leader with wide view and ability to lead people relying on a rich arsenal of skills.

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Evan Haines

Director of Product Mgmt.

Evan has a deep interest in technology viewed through a lens of applied efficiency: understanding how things work and how they can work better. This mindset led him through his experiences in engineering education, public policy, and energy consulting. He is comfortable with both the creative process to generate new ideas and anchoring those ideas into concrete action.

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