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Product Boot Camp:

Are you looking to turn an idea into a working product?

Our five-day Boot Camp is aimed at helping you turn an early idea into an actionable, fundable business product.

"We asked our participants which vendors they received the greatest value from, and Product Savvy was noted as the most satisfactory. Their work consistently proved to be successful and was one of the best expenditures we ever made. Their methodology perfectly matched our model of program management and product management to get these companies up out the door. We're planning to use them again to help a health accelerator company and three venture investment companies."

- Dan Wooley, MACH 37


Example Lesson Plan:

Day 1:

Defining the problem that you are looking to solve.

Day 2:

Defining the market you are seeking to address.

Day 3:

Defining the products, users, and other stakeholders.

Day 4:

Defining how your product is going to look and function.

Day 5:

Defining the resources and time it will take to build your product.

Working together during the Boot Camp we will jointly develop:

  1. Product Definition

  2. Market Overview

  3. Product Business Case

  4. User Personas

  5. User Stories

  6. Clickable Mock-Up

  7. Product Backlog and Roadmap

  8. Resource Estimation and Timetable

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