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Technical Due Diligence for Investors and M&A

With the stakes higher than ever for dealmakers ensuring a robust technical due diligence is no longer a luxury

Technical Due Diligence for Investors and M&A

ProductSavvy is frequently invited to provide advisory support to investors and dealmakers involved in M&A and company management. The purpose of our work is to establish a level of confidence in the company’s ability to support the growth that will be driven by the new investment. Our specific focus is typically on the capacity and capabilities within the engineering and product teams, and the strength of the underlying technology stack, architecture and code base to support growth.

As we go undertake our product due diligence process we look at the product and not just the technology. We are looking at:
◦ Product / Market fit (or potential for this if not yet achieved)
◦ Capabilities and culture within the engineering and product teams as well as their ability to grow in line with the post financing expectations
◦ Assessment of software architecture and quality of code
◦ Assessment of key product management processes
◦ Assessment of key software development and R&D processes
◦ Assessment of QA and software deployment processes exist and are sufficient to support timely, high quality product releases

Once the due diligence process is complete, we provide a detailed summary including pain points and how to address them, and thus eventually help reduce the risk of a negative outcome driving towards a positive outcome and a win for the client (internally and externally).

Case Studies: Available upon request

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