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R & D Reconfiguration

Engineering your path to business success.

R & D Reconfiguration

The configuration of the software engineering team that built your MVP or first-generation product is oftentimes insufficient to get you into the enterprise grade software needed to form a long-term sustainable business. As larger customers are secured and the demands increase you need a team who can deliver quality code, sustain a high cadence, and provide visibility and predictability to company leadership.

Additionally, adding and then running multiple teams can be a challenge. The skillset needed to manage the larger R&D team (distributed or not) is often not part of your core as a company.

Although teams can organically learn, develop and grow, it is not uncommon to find a need to reconfigure the team or even to look elsewhere for experienced engineering support. ProductSavvy has extensive experience in supporting business and engineering teams through team reconfiguration, while simultaneously delivering against today’s business goals. Typical R&D Reconfiguration projects include:

◦ A Review of existing development management processes including scum management, planning processes, sizing, and other software development rituals
◦ Team strengths evaluation
◦ A review of team cadence and team productivity
◦ A review of quality assurance / quality engineering processes and the use of automated testing
◦ Integration and communication with product management and other key internal relationships

Case Studies: Available upon request

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