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Product Turnaround

The road to product success is never straight. When turns are needed we are here to help identify the critical issues and get your back on track in meeting your milestones.

Product Turnaround

One of the most frequent types of projects we undertake are what we call product turnaround. These typically are with companies who have raised external funding (often at a significant level) but the product has failed to resonate in their chosen market(s). This usually manifests itself in missed business milestones, flat or declining customer growth, and in some cases a total failure to launch.

Our work is not focused on the financial turnaround (albeit we often get involved in this as well) but rather seeking to understand the misalignment between the product offering and customer wants/needs (the business-technology gap).

Each situation is unique, but over dozens of projects we have refined our approach to focus on critical areas such as:

◦ Review of product management processes, including how customer validation is undertaken and prioritization decisions are made
◦ Interviews with current customers / users as well as former customers to understand reasons for leaving
◦ Analysis of what parts of a product drive value for customer needs, and what can be deprioritized
◦ Competitive intelligence work to develop a deep understanding of other products winning in the market
◦ Detailed value assessments of the time to value and ROI of your product within typical usage situations.

Case Studies: Available upon request

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