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Product Management and Product Development Management

Effective execution of your product vision is everything. This requires aligning business needs from sales, marketing and finance with product and engineering functions.

Product Management and Product Development Management

All projects undertaken by ProductSavvy begin with a Product Discovery and Validation phase. Most quickly move into product development with a focus on launching a new product into the market in a timely manner. Utilizing our own battle tested agile and scrum methodologies we help our clients avoid the landmines and dead-ends which cause damage (sometimes terminal) to so many startups and scaleups. We do this by supporting our clients during this critical execution phase by:

◦ Augmenting existing in-house software development with specific areas of expertise and experience including Scrum Master and Product Owner roles
◦ Providing experienced technical leadership including CTO and Product Architect roles as required
◦ Designing hybrid models which leverage a mix of in-house resources and new outsourced support
◦ Where appropriate supporting the build out and management of an entirely outsourced R&D team

Product Development Management and Product Management support typically comprises long term engagements which run from 6-months to several years. Our unique approach leads to our key personnel becoming a critical resource for our clients to the point where both the management team and the company's investors (if applicable) come to view us as a key long term partner in their journey.

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