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Product Discovery and Validation

Creating a robust set of product marketing requirements is your essential first step towards a successful product launch.

Product Discovery and Validation

Company founders and business leaders with new product concepts come to ProductSavvy for support in development and validation of product requirements. The outcome of this work is a detailed marketing requirements document, a prioritized product roadmap, and detailed set of technical requirements including a build budget. Our goal is to provide you with everything needed to begin building your product the day after the work is completed. Key aspects of this include:

◦ Developing a clear product vision
◦ Understanding your product differentiation
◦ Understanding your target market(s)
◦ Sizing the market opportunity today, and projecting into the future
◦ Building a comprehensive competitive analysis and finding the next best alternative
◦ Creating detailed User Personas
◦ Developing detailed and validated user stories
◦ Designing an initial Low Fidelity clickable prototype evolving it into a high-fidelity UX/UI design
◦ Building a validated and prioritized product backlog and roadmap
◦ Detailing your products technical requirements & designing its underlying architecture

ProductSavvy has developed marketing requirements documents, product roadmaps and technical requirements for dozens of market-leading SaaS products (for both consumer and enterprise markets) in verticals such as Healthcare, Cybersecurity, FinTech, EdTech, Mobility and others.

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