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Since 2006, ProductSavvy have supported founders and investors to identify market opportunities and start new technology businesses. Working with both business founders and technical founders, we support ideation, validation, creation, and launch of products into the market. Unlike other technology consultants, we work to earn your trust and become a partner for years to come. Our tenure with clients is 2 to 4 years in most cases, as we often remain engaged with companies from launch to exit.

Product Discovery and Validation

Company founders and business leaders with new product concepts come to ProductSavvy for support in development of their product requirements (backlog). Starting from a client’s initial concepts we work to develop detailed and market-validated marketing and technical requirements which provides our clients with everything required to start building the day after completion.

Product Management and Product Development Management

One of the biggest challenges technology startup CEOs face is the interface between the business and the technology sides of the company. This often leads to a lack of visibility on what will be released; when it will be released; and if they meet business critical milestones and objectives. We help to close this gap by working with our client’s team to introduce and implement product management processes required in today's dynamic business environment.

Software Development

ProductSavvy offers experienced teams able to execute upon the most technically challenging of projects within the high-pressure world of start-ups and scale-ups. We offer full-stack engineering with deep experience in software architecture, software design, agile web development and all key modern languages and frameworks. This enables us to build custom, enterprise-grade cloud solutions to meet every need while making sure that development is done in a controlled, well executed and transparent manner.

Product Bootcamp

Geared towards accelerators and incubators, ProductSavvy’s Product Bootcamp helps software startup founders address the key foundations of their product businesses: what problem are they solving; how do they develop a product to solve that problem; and how can they validate, iterate, and improve their idea based on user/customer feedback.



Company founders and investors find their way to ProductSavvy when they are challenged with executing on their existing product growth strategies. This could be early on when they are finalizing their go-to-market strategies, or when having launched their projected ‘hockey stick’ trajectory is a little more horizontal than envisaged. Our support helps position our clients for the next leg of growth - be it by repositioning an existing product or working on a new product offering to take to the market.

Next Gen Product Development

Once a company has launched and has an existing product in the market, company leadership must focus on execution to ensure growth continues and goals are met. However, there is a need to  simultaneously be thinking about v2.0, v3.0 or even about a new product to launch. This is where ProductSavvy can provide support. By enabling our clients’ core delivery capacity to remain focused on current product execution, we provide a pathway to plan for new growth tomorrow.

Product Turnaround

A not uncommon scenario for software startups is experiencing a lack of product-market fit, often characterized by missed revenue milestones or flat customer growth. Under either scenario work needs to be undertaken to understand the misalignment with customer needs and / or changes in the competitive environment. ProductSavvy has extensive experience in such situations and a proven track record of supporting a successful turnaround and getting clients back on track towards the achievement of their goals.

R&D Reconfiguration

Oftentimes, the R&D team that built a company’s MVP or first-generation product is not the team to take the company to the next level. To address such issues and get the expected results, companies need a partner to help. ProductSavvy has extensive experience in supporting engineering teams and their leadership through this transition while simultaneously delivering against today’s business goals.



Technical Due Diligence for Investors and M&A

ProductSavvy is frequently invited to provide advisory support to VCs and company management as part of a due diligence process for a business being considered for investment or acquisition.  The purpose of our work is to establish a level of confidence in the company’s ability to support the growth that will be driven by the new investment, with a specific focus on the capacity and capabilities within the product and engineering team and the strength of the underlying technology / platform architecture and its fit to company business goals.

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