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Product Bootcamp

From idea to working prototype and from opportunity to go-to-market plan.

Product Bootcamp

Geared towards accelerators and incubators, our Product Bootcamp helps software startups address the key questions needed as the foundation for their product businesses: (1) what problem are they solving; (2) how to formulate a product to solve that problem; and (3) how to validate and iterate ideas about that product.

As a founder / product leader within a startup, you need to be able to answer those questions clearly; otherwise, every next step - efficient product development, finding market fit, gaining traction, growth, fundraising - becomes harder. Without a clear Market-Problem-Product definition, startups are at high risk of failure. This boot camp provides the necessary tools and understandings to reduce that risk. During the boot camp we cover the following issues:

◦ Generating your product definition
◦ Building a set of product marketing requirements
◦ Developing the business case for your product
◦ Researching and building a set of user personas
◦ Developing a set of detailed and validated user stories
◦ Designing and building a clickable mock-up
◦ Building a validated and prioritized product backlog and roadmap
◦ Developing a detailed set of costs to build and launch your product.

ProductSavvy has successfully supported more than 100 teams of founders through the bootcamp process. This includes working directly with teams or via programs such as accelerators and incubators. These have included:

◦ Mach 37 (Cyber Security)
◦ Relevant Health (Health Tech)
◦ New Chip (General tech)
◦ Bunker Lands (General tech)
◦ Starta (General tech)

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